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History: Produced puzzles from the 1930's to the 1970's (?)


Some boxes dated 1946
#535 - (350 pcs)

Series U

At the Inn
Series U

Snow in Twilight
Series W

Cottage in the Hills

Other titles:
Series U

Quiet Harbor / Antique Flowers / Vacation land / Birds of Color

Series W
At the Wharf / Bowl of Beauties / Countryside / Fishing Village / A Tense Moment

#535 - (350 pcs)
Series E

Seven New Puppies

#1535 - (350pcs)

Series C

Autumn Splendor
Series C

Protecting her Puppy
Series D

An Evening at Home
Series S

A Blend of Beauty
Series S

No Swimming
Series Y

Autumnal Beauty

Drenched in Autumn Color

Ranger and His Friends

#1535 - (350pcs)

Series J

Home in the Clouds
Series J

Mediterranean Shores
Series J

Romance in the South
Series K

Elm Street
Series N

Colorful Autumn in the Berkshires

#1536 - (350 pcs)
Series M

Coastal Guardian
Series R

Around the bend

Royal Fairco

#1570 - (910 pcs)

Saphire beauty of Glacier Lake

Mr Big
#1572 - (1000 pcs)

University of Mexico